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What's wrong with using an old distributor?

Don't take chances with the old distributor. All of the problems listed below can greatly reduce the reliability, drivability and performance of your engine.

  • excessive end shaft play
  • bushing wear
  • weak coil
  • worn or cracked cap and button
  • weak module
  • corrosion buildup
  • weakened advance springs
  • gear wear

When we rebuild any early model Chevy engine, we insist the customer purchase a new distributor. You will notice a performance difference in your engine if you have any of the above issues with your old distributor. All of the old HEI units we see have excess end play in the shaft. Their coils are tired and don't produce a full-current spark. If going from points to HEI this alone is a huge upgrade, and will reduce future maintenance.

HEI units include a coil in the cap, add wires and plugs for a complete ignition upgrade. Those running a point system often used a 7mm wire, and this is not sufficient to carry the high voltage produced by the HEI unit. 8mm plug wire diameter or larger should be used with any HEI distributor. We offer exceptional deals on spark plug wires with a wide variety of colors and boot styles.

Why use a Skip White Performance Distributor?

All parts are brand new, first line quality. We know there are several manufacturers on the market, and we have been very selective in choosing the best company to make our distributors. We are the no.1 wholesale marketers of HEI distributors in the country. Many garages and speed shops purchase these in case lots from us.


We are proud to offer LIFETIME WARRANTY on our line of distributors. 



Our distributors feature:

  • Fully CNC Machined housing
  • Adjustable vacuum advance canister, improved economy while cruising
  • True spark alignment for instantaneous response at high RPM
  • Premium caps with high-quality brass terminals
  • Low-saturation ignition module
  • HEI distributors feature 65K coil 

Here's a reaction from one of our customers as he unpacks one of our HEI distributors.

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